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A small tip, a big solution!

Let's face it, we're way too busy and we all have much nicer things to do than wasting our precious time on household chores?

Even though we like everything in our house to be fresh and clean, we are not exactly a real househusband and wife. The biggest frustration in our household used to be the pile of laundry in the laundry basket (and then ironing in the ironing basket). Just thinking about ironing resulted in loud sighs. Getting the whole thing ready and then removing the wrinkles took a lot of time thanks to our lousy ironing skills.

Now it is the case that we are busy with textiles every day. Beyond our personal love for beautiful clothing , we have a special passion for high-quality bedding .

Our webshop www.casadormi.nl is based on this love arise, on which we offer the most beautiful bedding of top quality. In addition, beautiful bedding photos (without too many wrinkles) are crucial for our webshop. During photo shoots we always came face to face with our greatest enemy: the unwieldy iron and ironing board. We often spent hours ironing bed linen, which then creased ugly again when we went to cover the bed. Ironing was incredibly frustrating and time consuming.

Last year our new great love came our way: the handheld steamer. A world opened up for us. The device heats up quickly light , compact , removes wrinkles with the greatest of ease and makes textiles fresh again , because the steam kills bacteria and removes odors . This way you don't have to wash bedding or clothing as often as usual. This reduces wear and tear , fabrics last longer and it is also much better for the environment .

We used the handheld steamer so often (both privately and in our company) that we want to share this with everyone. Our mission was born: to design the ultimate handheld steamer that is compact , light , powerful and stylish . Which does not look out of place in the interior, is of high quality and really lasts a long time. Meet our STEAMR: The Rolls-Royce of handheld steamers.

The STEAMR is a brilliant addition to our lives and we are sure it will make yours much easier too.

With kind regards,

Thomas & Charlotte

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