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Beddengoed Stomen

Gebruik een handstomer om je beddengoed op te frissen en een kreukloze look te geven

Altijd een picture-perfect opgemaakt bed!

Een gekreukte set op bed staat niet chique, maar het strijken van bedgoed is voor velen een groot frustratiepunt. Onze ultieme oplossing: de handstomer. Dek het bed op, ga met de stomer over het overtrek en kussenslopen heen, en alle kreukels verdwijnen in een handomdraai.

Also no ironing prince(ss)?

We all have something nicer to do than get rid of mountains of ironing, right?

Enlist the help of our stylish handheld steamer and always look neat and fresh! In the morning, pick your favorite item of clothing out of the closet, plug it in, steam for less than a minute with the stylish handheld steamer and you're ready to go: wrinkle-free and fresh! This makes it seem like you have your chaotic life in order.

Hate ironing?

Even though we absolutely love that everything in our house is fresh and clean, we are not exactly a house husband and wife. The biggest frustration in our household used to be the pile of laundry in the laundry basket (and then iron in the ironing basket). Just thinking about ironing resulted in loud sighs. Getting the whole mess ready and then removing creases took a lot of time thanks to our lousy ironing skills! The STEAM'R is the ultimate solution for us and we are convinced that it will also make your life much easier!

Specially designed powerful steamer for fast results 

Thanks to the wide steam head, the heated specially designed ironing plate on the STEAM'R, and the powerful steam output of 1500 Watt, stubborn creases are no longer a problem. In a few minutes your textile product is refreshed and wrinkle-free.

The STEAM'R is ready for use very quickly. The hand-held steamer is heated within 20 to 25 seconds. Combine this with a water reservoir of 100 ml and you can steam that one item super quickly before you go out the door. You put the plug in the socket, fill the water reservoir and you can steam continuously for 7 minutes. Of course you can also pause the steaming by releasing the button.

Do not only use the STEAM'R for clothing, but also for your bedding, curtains, decorative pillows, tablecloths, etc. 

Zwarte luxe kledingstomer STEAMRS
Kleding stomer handstomer steamr zwart luxe apparaat voor op reis
Luxe kledingstomer Zwart gebruik handstomer voor gordijnen stomen
steamer kleding stomer zwart
Luxe kledingstomer zwart
Kleding Stomer Zwart STEAMRS By Dreamers Op stoel
zwarte kleding stomer handstomer voor op reis
Luxe kledingstomer STEAMRS
Close up waterreservoir van kledingstomer
kledingstomer voor op vakantie kleding ontkreuken
Luxe kledingstomer zwart mat-rubber finish
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