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Do you like nothing more than cuddling with your pet, but are you less fond of the hair that remains on your clothing/furniture? We got you!

The luxurious STEAMRS clothes brush is designed to remove hair from fabric in an instant. The brush is reusable and self-cleaning, so you can enjoy this fantastic brush for years to come!

How do you use the clothes brush?

1. Lay the garment down on a flat, hard surface
2. Slide the tube off the brush
3. Use the brush by brushing away the bristles in one direction
4. Brush the fabric repeatedly and apply some pressure to the fabric
5. Then put the brush back in the tube
6. Pull the brush out again, and the brush will be cleaned automatically
7. Hair & fluff are collected in the collection tray at the bottom of the brush
8. Empty the collection tray above the trash can

How does the clothes brush work?

The brush pleases thousands of static micro-bristle, which have a magnetic effect on hairs and dust particles. Hairs contain small 'hooks', which are easily attached and caught by the micro-brushes and so it is stuck. This makes the brush ideal for households with pets.

These micro brushes are very soft and therefore the brush is also suitable for depilling delicate textile products.

After use, place the lint brush back in the black tube, which contains the same micro brushes. By then pulling the brush out of the tube again, the micro-brushes rub against each other, and all fluff residues are stored in the collection tray at the bottom of the brush. This is then easy to empty.

clothes brush to remove hair from clothes

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