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Steam bed linen

You can steam your own bed linen in no time!

You can't see it, but your bedding gets dirtier every night. Everyone loses moisture in their sleep by sweating. In addition, skin flakes come off your body as a result of twisting. The dust mites that live in your duvet, in your bedding and in your pillow feed on these flakes. Make sure that you wash or steam your duvet 1 or 2 times a year, and sleep soundly again!

1. Steam duvet

House dust mites die from cleaning at a minimum of 60 degrees Celsius. Whether you have a duvet washed or dry cleaned depends on the material. The most common materials are: woolen, down and synthetic duvets. Every material needs its own maintenance method. So check the care label carefully and stick to it. This way you can be sure that your duvet is also nice and warm after cleaning.fluffy and warm.

Do you find it a hassle to put your duvet in the washing machine and then in the dryer? Or does this not even fit in your machine? Then it is an option to take them to the dry cleaners. If you also find this a lot of hassle: we get you! We recommend that you spread your duvet over the bed and steam it yourself with your hand-held steamer.

In general, it is best to have a woolen duvet dry. Wool has a softening, protective and water-repellent layer called lanolin. Washing will irreparably damage this layer. Wool also shrinks from washing and becomes stiff.

2. Steam bed linen

A wrinkled set on the bed is not chic, but ironing bed linen is a major point of frustration for many. Our ultimate solution: the handheld steamer. Put the bed on, run the steamer over the duvet cover and pillowcases, and all creases disappear in no time.

The steaming bed linen and clothing has the same effect as airing, only it works much faster and more efficiently. The hot steam (97-99°C) from a steamer reduces bad odors, eliminates many bacteria and removes superficial dirt. The steam causes the textile fibers to swell, regain their natural shape and the textile remains wrinkle-free. In addition, the fabric will feel thicker and colors will look shinier and richer than if you iron the fabric. Steaming is not only a gentle way to care for all kinds of fabrics, it is also an easier and more sustainable option than ironing.

How does the steam process work?

With an iron, the fibers of a fabric are crushed and severely damaged, causing fabrics to wear faster. The specially designed pattern on the metal plate of the hand-held steamer, in combination with the steam, ensures that the fibers of the textile are lifted and not affected. This process is comparable to the natural drying process in the (outdoor) air. The hot steam (97-99°C) kills 99% of all bacteria and thus removes all unpleasant odors and refreshes textiles wonderfully.



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