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Hand steamer use - Tips & tricks

How wonderful that you are about to order our STEAM'R, or that you have already ordered it from us before! We are very grateful for this and are very happy to help you on your way. See below a number of handy tips & tricks to use the fine clothes steamer!

How do you use the hand steamer?

Steaming your favorite garment, bed linen, table linen, curtains etc. is a very easy and convenient alternative to ironing. Below you can read some tips & tricks on how to use the STEAM'R!

'A child can do the steam' 

Please don't take this too literally, because although it is very easy to use, after plugging in the plug in the socket (and after clicking on the 'steam button') hot steam comes out of the appliance (97-99°C).


1. Plug in the power plug 

The cord of the STEAM'R is 2 meters long, should you still need more length to, for example, unwrinkle your bedding on your made bed? Grab an extension cord. You put the plug in the socket and the light around the 'steam button' lights up orange/gold. When the device has heated up, the button changes from orange to green. It takes about 20/25 seconds to heat up the steamer.

2. Fill the water tank with water 

The water reservoir (100ml) at the bottom of the steamer is easy to slide off and then click back in (after filling with water). Included in the box is a 'mini-measuring cup' with a handy spout to fill the reservoir. This way you will also see how much water can go in the steamer.

When you want to refill the water reservoir, it is important to loosen the black 'tab' that you see. This serves as the cap of the reservoir, so after filling the tank with water, you can press the 'tab' back to close the reservoir.

Then click/slide the reservoir back into the bottom of the steamer.

3. Steam table linen and bed linen 

The table of a restaurant, Christmas dinner, wedding dinner, or simply a dinner at home is often just a little more cozy with a nice, sleek and wrinkle-free tablecloth on the table. A beautifully made bed is also just that little bit more 'picture-perfect' after most of the creases have been removed from the duvet cover and pillowcases. Many experience ironing bed linen as a hell of a job. Do not panic! With the STEAM'R you have your wrinkled bed linen and table linen so refreshed and wrinkle-free.

Plug in the socket, fill the reservoir, heat up and steam away. Do you steam the tablecloth or table runner on the table? Place a towel under the textile to provide additional protection for the table against moisture from the steam. Then run the steamer over the wrinkled parts of the fabric and hold down the 'steam button'. With your free hand (the hand without a steamer) straighten the underside of the fabric. It can be this easy. When you have steamed out, remove the plug from the socket and place the STEAM'R (if you do not like the somewhat heated ironing plate on a material or if it still leaks some water, then place the steamer on its side). head off).

4. Steaming a garment 

There are different ways to steam your garment. Do you prefer to lay the garment flat on a horizontal surface, or do you prefer to hang it up?


A garment can be steamed horizontally in the same way as table linen or bed linen (as described above). You can put a towel under it to prevent the moisture from the steam from getting into the surface.


Hang the garment on a hook, on the door handle, in your closet, on a coat rack, etc. Yes, your house also has a perfect place to hang and dry your garment. With your free hand (the hand without a steamer, depending on whether you are left or right), pull the material tight which you want to smooth out/refresh. You can press the 'ironing plate' of the steamer completely against the garment or let it hang just a few cm above it when you steam. It just depends on what you prefer, both are effective. Up, down, left to right, it doesn't matter which way you steam. For example, do you steam a blouse? You can iron the STEAM'R over the 'outside' of the blouse, but you can also choose to place the steamer on the inside of the blouse to eliminate creases.

5. Steam curtains 

Washing curtains can be a chore that many people put off for as long as possible. Do your curtains need a makeover? Plug the steamer into the socket, fill the water reservoir, let it heat up for 25 seconds and steam your curtains nice and fresh again. Grab the bottom of the curtain with your free hand to straighten the fabric. Press the steamer against the curtain and press the steam button.




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